Green Tea and Champagne Cocktail

Celebrate Mother’s Day by serving a unique drink: Green Tea & Champagne Cocktail. Perfect for brunch, this drink combines two of our favorite flavors.


Green Tea and Champagne Cocktail

Serves 4

–       24 oz water

–       2 Green tea bags

–       1 bottle of brut Champagne

–       Sugar to taste

–       twist of lemon

In your Capresso H20 Steel, bring water to a boil. Pour water into a teapot, add tea bags, and steep for 3-5 minutes. Let tea cool for about 2 hours. When ready to serve, fill each champagne flute with equal parts green tea and Champagne. Add sugar and a twist of lemon to taste. Enjoy!

Mother’s Day Gifts from Capresso

Whether your mom loves coffee, tea or espresso, Capresso offers the best in Mother’s Day gifts with high-quality espresso machines, efficient electric water kettles and stylish coffee makers.

For the Coffee-Loving Mom:

The new Mini Drip 5-Cup is a compact programmable coffee maker that quickly brews 25 ounces of Mom’s favorite coffee into a glass carafe with an ergonomic handle, brew-through lid and drip-free pouring spout. It features digital controls with an easy-to-read LCD display and 24-hour clock/timer, for programming brewing at Mom’s desired time.

Capresso_PNG_5CupMiniDrip Lifestyle 300

For the Tea-Loving Mom:

The stylish new H2O Steel PLUS lets Mom heat water for her favorite blend of tea with ease. The stainless steel kettle boils water faster and more efficiently than stovetop kettles, giving Mom more time to enjoy teatime. This premium electric water kettle enhances the tea experience with variable temperature control. It features four temperature settings to accurately brew any type of tea, plus an innovative automatic warming function.


For the Espresso-Loving Mom:

Mom can create barista-quality espresso drinks in the kitchen with the new Capresso EC PRO Professional Espresso & Cappuccino Machine. This sophisticated machine is easy to use and allows Mom to experience the rich taste of espresso, cappuccino or latte without visiting the local coffeehouse.

Capresso_EC PRO

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Black Tea Cocktail

Get ready for the weekend with our Black Tea Cocktail. Don’t be fooled by its sophisticated flavor; this cocktail has a small list of ingredients and is easy to prepare!


Black Tea Cocktail

1 serving

–       2 ounces brewed black tea

–       2 ounces gin

–       2 ounces club soda

–       ice

–       lemon and lime wedges, for garnish

Use your Capresso Electric Water Kettle to heat water for brewing the Black Tea. Add black tea, gin and club soda to a glass with ice. Stir well and garnish with wedges of lemon and lime. Enjoy!

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Capresso H2O Steel Electric Water Kettle

Style meets speed in the new Capresso H2O Steel Electric Water Kettle. Faster, safer and more energy efficient than any stovetop kettle, this contemporary 57-ounce capacity cordless water kettle is the first model in the Capresso line to combine beautiful stainless steel housing with streamlined, one-switch operation.

Capresso H2O Steel

The Capresso H2O Steel offers an easy way to boil water for tea, hot chocolate, French press coffee and more. With a simple push of a button, the power switch is illuminated and the unit begins to heat the water. Upon reaching a boil, it automatically shuts off. A Micro Filter spout traps particles so they do not disrupt the purity of the beverage.

This kettle is designed for a fast, yet quiet boil. The low-noise, stainless steel-heating element is concealed in the base of the kettle. Water gently comes to a boil setting the stage for the serene act of preparing a hot beverage.

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Red Tea Latte

Start the New Year with a Red Tea Latte. This caffeine-free drink is full of antioxidants, plus it has a sweet spice flavor that you’re sure to enjoy.

Red Tea Latte

Red Tea Latte

2 servings

–       8 ounces non-fat milk

–       ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract

–       8 ounces of Rooibos tea


Place frothing disk into the froth enhancer of your Capresso froth TEC and ensure it is securely snapped inside the bottom of the pitcher. Add milk to frothing pitcher. Place lid and press the Warm button. After about 2 minutes, slowly add the vanilla extract. Wait for frother to automatically shut off.  Pour 4 ounces of tea into glasses, and then fill glasses with steamed milk. Top with frothed milk and enjoy!

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Capresso Perks Up Holiday Shopping

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Capresso_Froth Tec For A Hot Chocolate Lover:

The Capresso froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother offers a quick, easy, no-mess way for your favorite chocoholic to make velvety-soft milk foam for cold and hot specialty beverages. Its large-capacity glass pitcher can froth up to 10 ounces of milk, or heat up to 16 ounces. Features 3 temperature settings—Hot, Warm & Cold—for endless beverage possibilities. $99.99.


For A Coffee & Tea Lover:

Coffee a la Carte LifestyleThe Capresso Coffee à la Carte™ Cup-to-Carafe® Coffee & Tea Maker combines two of the most popular trends in coffee makers—single serve and carafe-style—with a separate tea filter to rapid brew tea. Operation is easy and intuitive, with customizable brewing and sizing options.  Preset illuminated brewing buttons for Small Cup, Large Cup, Carafe or Tea. $179.99.


Capresso_EC PROFor An Espresso Aficionado:

The commercial-grade Capresso EC PRO Professional Espresso & Cappuccino Machine features an advanced 15 bar pump boiler system and two filter choices—double spout filter and bottomless filter—that allow espresso lovers at any skill level to prepare barista-quality espresso. It comes with a 42-ounce removable water container, easy-to-read indicator lights for On/Off and Coffee/Steam, and a high-pressure commercial style power frother that creates perfect microfoam for cappuccinos and lattes. $249.99.


Capresso_CoolGrind_BlackFor A Cook Who Loves Spices:

The Capresso Cool Grind Blade Coffee & Spice Grinder makes a great addition to the kitchen of any foodie who wants freshly ground spices or coffee. It’s sleek look and improved grinding mechanism produces a low heat build-up to better preserve flavor and aroma. Black or White. $19.99.


teaC100For the Multi-Tasker:

The Capresso teaC100: For the foodie that does it all. With five easy-to-read temperature settings, ranging from 100° to 212°F, the teaC100 is beautiful unit for heating water. Tea lovers will appreciate the precise temperature settings for green, white, oolong and black tea. Home cooks will benefit from the quick and efficient heating action when preparing French press coffee, rehydrating dried mushrooms or creating a water bath for cheesecake. $99.99.


For the Coffee Expert:

Capresso Grand Aroma w.beans 72Coffee connoisseurs know the best cup of coffee starts with whole coffee beans. This holiday, give a bag (or two) of the Capresso Grand Aroma Coffee Beans: a unique blend of premium beans, Swiss precision-roasted for a rich, smooth aroma with a velvety flavor. Choose from Regular, Decaf or Espresso roasts for any method of brewing. Available in 2, 6 or 12 bag options priced between $5.84 – $9.49 per bag (depending on the number of bags purchased).


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Cinnamon Key Lime Ginger Latte

Something delicious is brewing in your kitchen. This creamy latte has a touch of spice and a hint of tropical flavor to make it a delicious escape for your taste buds.

Cinnamon Key Lime Ginger Latte

This recipe was created by Judy Fitzgerald, a Capresso Event Representative. Thanks for making this tasty drink, Judy!


Cinnamon Key Lime Ginger Latte

2 servings

  • 2 Key Lime Ginger herbal tea bags
  • 6 oz. water
  • 8 oz. nonfat milk
  • 1 tsp. Monin cinnamon syrup
  • Ground cinnamon


Using your teaC100, bring water to a boil. Place 1 key lime ginger tea bag in each cup and pour 4 oz. of boiling water into each cup. While tea is steeping, place the frothing disk into the froth enhancer of your Capresso froth TEC. Add milk and cinnamon syrup to the frothing pitcher. Place lid and press the Hot button. Wait for the frother to shut off automatically. Remove the tea bags from cups and pour the hot frothed milk over the Key Lime Ginger tea. Garnish with ground cinnamon if desired. Enjoy!