Mother’s Day & Capresso Coffee à la Carte

Searching for a gift that shows Mom you care this Mother’s Day? The Capresso Coffee à la Carte is the ideal choice.

Whether Mom enjoys a morning cup of joe, a soothing glass of tea or serving coffee to friends at a dinner party, the Capresso Coffee à la Carte combines a drip coffee maker, single serve coffee machine and a tea brewer all in one stylish, compact unit.

Mom the Coffee Lover: The machine’s innovative brewing system allows Mom to brew a single cup of coffee in less than 60 seconds. Fully customizable, the system adjusts to the amount of ground coffee in the filter, which can hold up to 12 tablespoons, fully saturating it for the proper amount of time.  Brewing buttons are easy to find and operate: simply choose the preset Small Cup or Large Cup button for single cup coffee, press and hold, then the machine goes to work. Plus, the unit brews from ground coffee, eliminating the need for expensive and wasteful pods or capsules.

Mom the Tea Lover: The versatile Coffee à la Carte is a premium pick for tea drinkers. An additional filter is designated for tea, preventing any flavor exchange between coffee and tea. Mom can brew a flavorful cup of her favorite loose or bagged tea in seconds with the programmable tea button, which rapidly steeps a cup from 5 to 10 ounces.

Mom the Hostess: Entertaining is easy with the Coffee à la Carte. Mom can brew delicious hot coffee into the 42-ounce glass carafe in less than 6 minutes. The quick-heat 2.2 bar Italian-made pump system always brews to the optimal temperature, above 200 degrees F, ensuring a tasty brew for Mom’s guests.

To learn more about the Capresso Coffee à la Carte, visit

Coffee A La Carte

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