Froth PRO: More Than Beverages

We’re thinking of a dish that is rich, creamy and delicious. No, we’re not fantasizing about one of our froth PRO hot chocolate beverages. We’re thinking of mashed potatoes.

Why? Because the froth PRO can be used for more than just beverage recipes.

We add frothed non-fat milk to our mashed potatoes for a creamy texture without added fat. Not only can it enhance the texture of a mashed potatoes recipe, frothed milk can also keep the dish hotter when used in place of cold milk.

Capresso froth PRO

Place the frothing disk in your Capresso froth PRO and ensure it is securely snapped inside the bottom of the frothing pitcher. Simply pour the milk called for in your favorite mashed potatoes recipe into the pitcher. Do not fill past the MAX F line which is 8-oz.  Place lid and press the HOT button. Wait for frother to automatically shut off. Follow the recipe’s steps and add the milk to the other ingredients accordingly.

Learn about other ways you can use your Capresso froth PRO by visiting our Tips & More page.

Note: In addition to using frothed non-fat milk in our favorite mashed potatoes recipe, we also enjoy preparing the dish with a The Laughing Cow® Light Cheese Wedge in place of butter. Try adding a Light Garlic & Herb wedge wherever your favorite mashed potatoes recipe calls for butter.


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