You’ll Enjoy This Investment

Capresso EC100
Capresso EC100

Since we like money as much as cappuccinos and lattes, a recent feature by Kathy Kristof of CBS MoneyWatch caught our eye:

“If one of your resolutions is to cut costs this year, it might be worth nothing what your coffee habit is going to cost you over time.  If you buy one $4 latte a day, that coffee habit will set you back $28 a week, about $120 a month and $1,460 per year.  Keep that up for five years, and you’ve slurped away $7,300, not including any money you might have earned by investing your cash instead.”

She goes on to suggest that you might want to find a cheaper way to enjoy your daily jolt of joe, since the ingredients to make espresso-based drinks cost just a fraction of the coffeehouse price.  (

Which brings us to one of the best investments a coffee lover can make: the Capresso EC100.   With this $149.99 pump espresso and cappuccino machine, you can be your own barista at home and enjoy the full taste of espresso, cappuccinos and lattes any time you want.

Combining the advantages of one-cup pod machines and traditional pump espresso machines, this full-featured machine can brew from either E.S.E. pre-packed espresso pods or pre-ground coffee.  It brews one or two cups of espresso in seconds, and then it’s ready right away for frothing or steaming milk with its easy-to-use swivel frother.

Click here for more on the Capresso EC100.

To bring more of the coffeehouse to your home, pair a Capresso Burr Grinder (Model #559) with the EC100. This professional-quality coffee grinder has a suggested retail of $49.99, just a sliver of the money you’ll save by brewing at home.

Capresso EC100 and Burr Grinder (Model #559)
Capresso EC100 and Burr Grinder (Model #559)

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