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Cold Coffee Tips for Summer

May 22, 2015

Coffee tastes good any way you make it, but during the dog days of summer, sometimes we need cool ways to get that jolt of java. Save yourself (and your wallet) a trip to the coffee shop with our tips and cold coffee extras to help you stay cool and get your buzz on.


  1. Make extra-strong coffee in your Capresso coffee maker and chill it over night. When brewing coffee, use the maximum amount of ground coffee that will fit in your filter basket, but only fill the water tank halfway. This will concentrate your brew for extra strong flavor, which is important, since ice cubes dilute iced coffee. If a larger amount of brewed coffee is desired, simply repeat the process after the first batch has completed. Chill overnight and serve over ice the next day. Do not place the hot coffee carafe directly in the refrigerator as it could cause the glass to crack.

Iced Coffee

  1. Coffee Ice Cubes. Make coffee ice cubes simply by filling an ice cube tray with coffee and freezing it over night. Prepare coffee as your normally would and pour over the coffee ice cubes. When the ice cubes melt, they won’t dilute the iced coffee flavor.

More: Vanilla Ice Cubes. Make vanilla ice cubes to keep your coffee sweet and cold without getting watered down. Find a great recipe from Oh My Veggies here.


  1. Freeze it. For something new on a hot summer’s day, try our Frozen Coffee This drink is refreshingly easy.

Frozen Coffee

  1. Coffee Milkshake. A creamy treat you can make in minutes. If you love coffee ice cream and espresso, this drink is perfect drink to cool off on a warm day. Try our Coffee Milkshake for a decadent iced coffee on a sunny afternoon.

Coffee Milkshake_Drink Only_lowers

  1. Coffee Ice Cream. Take coffee milkshakes a step further. Transform your favorite drink into a cold and delicious summer treat, with the help of Capresso Grand Aroma Coffee Beans. Find our Grand Aroma Coffee Ice Cream Recipe here.


Additional Tips:


  • Always add sugar and milk to the coffee when it is still hot. The sugar will dissolve better, and the cold milk will help cool down the coffee.
  • Instead of sugar, add flavorings such as vanilla syrup, chocolate syrup, hazelnut syrup or almond extract to create a specialty iced coffee drink. The syrups will sweeten up the coffee while adding a hint of flavor. They also dissolve better in liquid than coarse sugar.
  • Try sweetened condensed milk or coconut milk for a different twist on iced coffee.
  • Want cold iced coffee without waiting? Add coffee, milk, sugar and ice to a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain iced coffee into a glass with even more ice and server.


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Matcha Chiller

May 13, 2015

Since spring is in full swing, we’re using matcha powder (one of our new favorite ingredients) to create a refreshing cool treat. Matcha powder is an energy booster packed with antioxidants and nutrients, making this green frothy drink perfect for a simple pick-me-up that’s healthy and delicious.

Matcha Set 50%

Matcha Chiller

  • 1 tbsp matcha powder
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tbsp melon syrup
  • Sweetener and cinnamon to taste

Place the frothing disk into the froth enhancer of your Capresso froth TEC and ensure it is securely snapped inside the bottom of the milk pitcher. Mix the milk and honey together, and add to the frothing pitcher. Place lid and press the Cold button. After two minutes, remove lid and slowly add the matcha powder and melon syrup. Replace lid and wait for frother to automatically shut off. Pour into iced filled glasses, and top with cinnamon enjoy!

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Coffee Around The World

May 8, 2015

Coffee is loved all around the world, but you may be surprised by how people take it. From Italian Marocchino to traditional Irish coffee, bring your cup on a tour to see how five places around the world enjoy their coffee. Let us know if you’ve tried any of these: We’d love to hear your favorite spins on the caffeinated classic.

Café de Olla, Mexico

Ingredients: Cinnamon Stick, Water, Piloncillo*, Coffee

  • Traditionally prepared in a clay pot. In a saucepan, combine water, 1 cup ground coffee, 5 oz Piloncillo and a cinnamon stick. Stir and bring to a slow boil. Remove and let steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain coffee out of the pan through a filter.
  • *Piloncillo is unrefined pure cane sugar, shaped into the form of cones.

Marocchino, Italy

Ingredients: Milk, Espresso, Cocoa Powder

  • Espresso is Italy’s go-to when it comes to coffee. Pull a shot of espresso, add milk and top with cocoa powder.

Mazagran, Portugal

Ingredients: Cold Coffee, Sugar, Lemons, Ice

  • Add ½ cup of fresh lemon juice to coffee (sugar to taste), and serve over ice.

Irish Coffee, Ireland

Ingredients: Coffee, Whiskey, Sugar, Whipped Cream

  • Coffee meets cocktail. Add 1 tsp of sugar and 1 shot of whiskey to hot coffee and stir. Float whipped cream lightly on top.

Flat White, Australia/ New Zealand

Ingredients: Steamed Milk, Espresso

  • Invented in Australia, pour steamed milk over 1-2 shots of espresso.

Frappé, Greece

Ingredients: Instant Coffee, Sugar, Water, Hand Mixe

  • A frothy iced drink made with instant coffee. Combine 1 tsp of instant coffee, 1 tsp sugar, and a splash of water in a glass. Using a hand mixer (or your Capresso frother), mix together. Add ice cubes and cold water.


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Tips For Manual Style Coffee

April 24, 2015

The new Capresso H2O Steel PLUS not only enhances the tea experience, it is also perfect for anyone who loves manual style coffee, such as French press or pour-over methods. Using a French press is a classic method for brewing coffee, and can make a perfect cup if you do it right. Here’s a quick how-to with some tips on how to make great French press coffee.

Pour 50%

– The first step, and one of the most important steps, is grinding your coffee beans.

Grinding whole beans properly right before brewing is a key factor for great French press coffee. It calls for a coarse, even grind. A Burr Grinder is perfect for this; it will ensure your coffee beans are ground to the same consistency, and will prevent sediment in your cup. Pour the grounds into the French press.

– Next, heat the water to 195°F using your H20 Steel PLUS Water Kettle. Once the indicator light changes from red to blue, the water is heated to the perfect temperature for manual brewing methods.

– Pour water slowly over the grounds, and then stir the brew. Let the coffee steep for four minutes before plunging.

– Plunge the press. Press the plunger gently all the way to the bottom.

When you’ve finished pressing, drink coffee immediately. You can also pour it into a thermal carafe to keep it hot, and prevent the coffee from continuing to sit on the grounds. Enjoy!

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Mocha-Almond Joy Milkshake

April 16, 2015

National Amaretto Day is Sunday, and we’re doing this day justice with a lightly spiked milkshake version of the Almond Joy candy bar. For a pick-me-up that also cools you down, this creamy coconutty shake combines the classic candy bar flavors with a kick of caffeine.

Almond Joy Latte 50%

Mocha-Almond Joy Milkshake

– 3 cups French vanilla ice cream

– ½ cup coconut milk

– ¼ cup Amaretto

– Double shot of espresso (3 ounces total)

– Chocolate Syrup

To garnish:

  • Whipped cream
  • Shredded coconut flakes
  • Chopped or whole almonds

In your Capresso EC PRO, pull a double shot of espresso.

Combine the ice cream, espresso, coconut milk and Amaretto in a blender and mix until smooth.

Drizzle the inside of two glasses with chocolate syrup and pour the milkshake over the syrup. Top with whipped cream, coconut and almonds, and enjoy!

Note: For a thicker milkshake, simply blend in more ice cream or place the mixture in the freezer for up to an hour.

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New Capresso H2O Steel PLUS: Advanced Temperature Control For Any Type of Tea or Manual Brewing Methods

April 10, 2015

The new H2O Steel PLUS is a premium electric water kettle that enhances the tea experience with variable temperature control. It features four temperature settings to accurately brew any type of tea, plus an automatic warming function.


With its stainless steel housing, this 57-ounce capacity kettle will be a focal point in any kitchen or on a table for serving.

For anyone who loves tea or manual brewing methods, its advantages are:

  • Four temperature settings for better brewing: 212°F – Black tea, 195°F – Oolong tea or coffee, 175°F – White tea and 160°F – Green tea.3
  • Automatic keep warm function maintains temperature for 30 minutes. Smart design will initiate heating if cold water is added, keeping water at your desired temperature.
  • Pause-and-pour function allows you to interrupt the heating process for up to a minute to pour a cup without waiting. Heating resumes when kettle is placed back on the base.
  • Cordless design with 360° swivel base allows for right or left handed use. Kettle lifts easily for drip-free pouring and serving.
  • Locking lid and cool-touch handle.
  • Removable micro filter spout enhances water purity and is easy to clean.
  • Water level window with ounce markings for easy filling.
  • Illuminated buttons show power on and keep warm status. The concealed low-noise heating element is highly efficient and unobtrusive. Safety features include dry boil protection and safety thermal cut-off.

The Capresso H2O Steel PLUS has a price of $69.99, and is available at

Matcha Latte

April 3, 2015

For those of you who haven’t tried it, matcha is a finely ground powder made from green tea leaves. Matcha tea powder is super charged with antioxidants, as well as caffine, so it’s great for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up! Try our new recipe for a cozy yet caffinated beverage that’s also good for you.

Matcha Tea 50%

Matcha Almond Milk Latte

  • 1 teaspoon matcha powder
  • ¾ cup almond milk
  • Cinnamon to taste

Place the frothing disk into the froth enhancer of your Capresso froth TEC and ensure it is securely snapped inside the bottom of the milk pitcher. Add almond milk to frothing pitcher. Place lid and press the Warm button. After two minutes, add the matcha powder and cinnamon. Replace lid and wait for frother to automatically shut off. Pour into mug, and enjoy

Note: If you prefer to use dairy milk, simply add ½ teaspoon of almond extract with the milk.

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