Coffee Mocktail

Mocktails can be a fun alternative if you are trying to cut down on drinking, are the designated driver or simply don’t drink. This coffee mocktail recipe pairs espresso and tonic together to give an interesting depth and acidity to separate it from other mixed drinks.

Additionally, if you prefer a spiked version, this recipe makes for the perfect cocktail base for a shot of vodka.


1 shot of espresso

5-6 oz of Qmixers Spectacular Tonic Water

1/2 TBSP Simple Syrup

1 lemon



Brew one shot of espresso with any Capresso espresso machine. Pour the espresso into a glass over ice and add in your tonic water and simple syrup. Slowly stir until all ingredients are combined. Garnish the glass with the peel from one lemon. Lastly, enjoy.

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