Tips for Brewing Espresso with a Bottomless Filter

118.05 bottomless filter 72 dpi

Showcase your espresso brewing skills with the EC PRO and its bottomless filter.

A bottomless filter produces a shot of espresso with a thicker, richer crema because the coffee has less contact with the portafilter. The filter also preserves the natural coffee oils to make a tastier brew.

While using a bottomless filter requires a little more skill, we’ve got some tips to help you with your technique so you can brew barista-style.

  • Use a burr grinder to ensure consistency of ground coffee. The right grind size depends on the type of coffee bean; adjust grind size as necessary.
  • Always start the process of extracting with a clean, dry portafilter basket.
  • Even distribution of coffee grounds is critical to avoid uneven extraction.
  • Fill portafilter so it is slightly overflowing and use fingers to evenly distribute grounds and level.
  • An even tamp means an even extraction. Rest the flat section of the bottomless filter on the side of a countertop to level the filter when tamping for even distribution.
  • Aim for a 20-30 second extraction and adjust the time of the brew by changing the grind size.  For a faster brew, use a coarser grind.  For a slower brew, use a finer grind.

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Make Your Own Affogato

We’re creating a unique dessert with just 2 ingredients: espresso and ice cream. Brew espresso with your Capresso EC PRO, then pour into a glass over your favorite flavor of ice cream or gelato. It’s simply delicious!



1 serving

  • ½ cup ice cream or gelato
  • 1.5 oz. espresso

Scoop ice cream or gelato into a glass, add espresso and enjoy!


Suggested flavor combinations:

  • Talenti Old World Eggnog gelato and espresso
  • Peppermint ice cream and espresso
  • Chocolate gelato and espresso
  • Vanilla ice cream and espresso

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Grind It: The Right Grind Setting for Capresso EC PRO

EC PRO LifestylePulling the perfect shot of espresso is an art. There are many factors that go into preparing the shot, including grinding whole bean coffee at the correct setting.

When brewing with your Capresso EC PRO, follow these tips for a bold and delicious espresso:

  • Use a Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder to obtain the correct grind size.
  • If using the Double Spout Filter with 2-cup sieve, use the “Fine” setting. Set indicator dot to the 1st or 2nd Fine positions. Using the 2-cup sieve allows the user flexibility in the grind size.
  • If using the Bottomless Filter with bottomless sieve, use the “Extra Fine” setting. Set the indicator dot to the 2nd or 3rd Extra Fine position. The bottomless sieve requires a precise grind size and may need to be adjusted a few times to achieve the perfect brew.

Grind size is critically important, especially when using the Bottomless Filter. Different types of coffee may require a slight adjustment to the grind size.  Coffee that is fresh compared to coffee that has been left out will also require adjustments. A conical burr grinder, such as the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, can make these fine adjustments.

Capresso Perks Up Holiday Shopping

Capresso has your quick gift guide to holiday shopping. Choose from professional espresso machines, stylish milk frothers or functional coffee grinders. More gift ideas available at


Capresso_Froth Tec For A Hot Chocolate Lover:

The Capresso froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother offers a quick, easy, no-mess way for your favorite chocoholic to make velvety-soft milk foam for cold and hot specialty beverages. Its large-capacity glass pitcher can froth up to 10 ounces of milk, or heat up to 16 ounces. Features 3 temperature settings—Hot, Warm & Cold—for endless beverage possibilities. $99.99.


For A Coffee & Tea Lover:

Coffee a la Carte LifestyleThe Capresso Coffee à la Carte™ Cup-to-Carafe® Coffee & Tea Maker combines two of the most popular trends in coffee makers—single serve and carafe-style—with a separate tea filter to rapid brew tea. Operation is easy and intuitive, with customizable brewing and sizing options.  Preset illuminated brewing buttons for Small Cup, Large Cup, Carafe or Tea. $179.99.


Capresso_EC PROFor An Espresso Aficionado:

The commercial-grade Capresso EC PRO Professional Espresso & Cappuccino Machine features an advanced 15 bar pump boiler system and two filter choices—double spout filter and bottomless filter—that allow espresso lovers at any skill level to prepare barista-quality espresso. It comes with a 42-ounce removable water container, easy-to-read indicator lights for On/Off and Coffee/Steam, and a high-pressure commercial style power frother that creates perfect microfoam for cappuccinos and lattes. $249.99.


Capresso_CoolGrind_BlackFor A Cook Who Loves Spices:

The Capresso Cool Grind Blade Coffee & Spice Grinder makes a great addition to the kitchen of any foodie who wants freshly ground spices or coffee. It’s sleek look and improved grinding mechanism produces a low heat build-up to better preserve flavor and aroma. Black or White. $19.99.


teaC100For the Multi-Tasker:

The Capresso teaC100: For the foodie that does it all. With five easy-to-read temperature settings, ranging from 100° to 212°F, the teaC100 is beautiful unit for heating water. Tea lovers will appreciate the precise temperature settings for green, white, oolong and black tea. Home cooks will benefit from the quick and efficient heating action when preparing French press coffee, rehydrating dried mushrooms or creating a water bath for cheesecake. $99.99.


For the Coffee Expert:

Capresso Grand Aroma w.beans 72Coffee connoisseurs know the best cup of coffee starts with whole coffee beans. This holiday, give a bag (or two) of the Capresso Grand Aroma Coffee Beans: a unique blend of premium beans, Swiss precision-roasted for a rich, smooth aroma with a velvety flavor. Choose from Regular, Decaf or Espresso roasts for any method of brewing. Available in 2, 6 or 12 bag options priced between $5.84 – $9.49 per bag (depending on the number of bags purchased).


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Café Miel

A warm Café Miel is the true taste of fall. Milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey come together to form a delicious spiced froth. Try our version using the Capresso froth TEC Milk Frother.


Cafe Miel


Café Miel

2 servings


–       4 shots brewed espresso

–       8 ounces milk

–       2 tablespoons honey

–       ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

–       ¼ teaspoon cinnamon

–       dash of ground nutmeg (optional)


Place frothing disk into the froth enhancer of your Capresso froth TEC and ensure it is securely snapped inside the bottom of the pitcher. Add milk, vanilla, and cinnamon to frothing pitcher. Place lid and press the Hot button. After about 3 minutes, slowly add the honey. Wait for frother to automatically shut off.  Meanwhile, brew 4 shots of espresso with your Capresso espresso machine and separate between 2 mugs. Pour frothed milk on top of the brewed espresso, top with ground nutmeg. Stir if desired. Enjoy!


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Russian Coffee

We put an “adults-only” twist on coffee. This Russian Coffee recipe, made with the Coffee à la Carte, is flavorful and sweet with the great taste of Kahlua.

Russian Coffee


Russian Coffee

1 serving


– 5 ounces coffee

– 1 ounce vodka

– ½ ounce Kahlua

– 1 teaspoon Amaretto almond liqueur

– 2 teaspoons sugar

– Whipped cream for garnish


In your Coffee à la Carte, brew coffee to taste. Pour vodka, Kahlua, and Amaretto almond liqueur into coffee cup. Stir in sugar. Top with whipped cream. Enjoy!


**Should be consumed by adults 21 or older. Please drink responsibly.


For more information on the Capresso Coffee à la Carte, visit

Coffee Milkshake

Coffee tastes good any way you make it, even chilled and blended.  Make sure you try this luxurious Coffee Milkshake recipe featuring espresso made with the Capresso EC100 Espresso Machine.


Coffee Milkshake
2 servings

–       8 oz. milk
–       3 oz. espresso
–       ½ cup coffee ice cream
–       1-1 ½ cups crushed ice
–       Sugar (to taste)
–       Whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles for garnish

Brew 3 oz. of espresso in your Capresso EC100.  Pour all ingredients into blender pitcher and place lid.  Blend until creamy.  Sweeten with sugar to taste. Pour into glasses, top with whipped cream and sprinkles.  Enjoy!

**For a stronger coffee flavor, brew espresso with the larger 2 cup sieve.

Are You an Espresso Aficionado?

Put your knowledge to the test. Enter your answers in the comments section below. We’ll update the blog tomorrow with the answers.


1)    ___ is the top layer of an espresso shot.

2)    ___ is the middle layer of an espresso shot.

3)    ___ is the very bottom layer of an espresso shot.

4)    Espresso was first invented in the ___ century.

5)    The maximum capacity of an espresso cup should be ___ ounces.

6)    The ideal time for brewing 1 shot of espresso is ___ seconds.

7)    The serving temperature for espresso is ___ degrees F.

8)    A shot of espresso topped with a spoonful of frothed milk served in a demitasse cup is called a ___.

9)    A shot of espresso topped with 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 frothed milk in a large cup is called a ___.

10) A shot of espresso topped with 2/3 steamed milk and a few spoonfuls of frothed milk in a large cup is called a ___.

11) A shot of espresso mixed with chocolate syrup topped with steamed milk is called a ___.

12) A shot of espresso topped with 6-8 ounces of hot water is called an ___.


Iced Dirty Chai

We paired two of our favorite beverages, espresso and chai tea, to make this delicious cold drink: Iced Dirty Chai. This refreshing drink is perfect for a sunny spring day.

Iced Dirty Chai
Iced Dirty Chai


Iced Dirty Chai

2 servings


–       6 oz. skim milk

–       6 oz. epsresso, cooled

–       6 oz. chai tea, cooled

–       ice


Place the frothing disk into the froth enhancer of your Capresso froth TEC and ensure it is securely snapped inside the bottom of the milk pitcher. Add milk to frothing pitcher. Place lid and press the Cold button. Meanwhile, pour 3 ounces of espresso and 3 ounces of chai tea into glasses filled with ice, and stir well. Wait for frother to automatically shut off. Spoon froth over espresso-chai tea mixture and enjoy.


Espresso by Capresso

Is a bold shot of espresso your beverage of choice? Treat yourself to a gourmet espresso, cappuccino or latte at home with an espresso machine from Capresso. Our Guide to Espresso Machines will help you find the perfect unit for your needs.

Guide to Espresso Machines

Compact, yet powerful, the Capresso 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine features a steam brewing method, plus a steam wand to create light as air froth for cappuccinos or creamy milk for delicious lattes.

Capresso 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

The space saving Capresso Café is perfect for espresso lovers who like to entertain. Featuring two sieves, the machine can prepare one or two rich, thick cream espressos at a time. Plus, its large capacity water container (48 ounces) allows the unit to make up to 35 espressos before refilling.

Capresso Cafe

Sleek and stylish, the Capresso EC100 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine makes a statement in any kitchen. The machine’s Dual Frother simplifies the process of frothing and steaming milk for specialty espresso beverages.

Capresso EC100


Priced at just under $100, the Capresso EC50 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is perfect for espresso lovers on a budget. The machine offers a high-quality pump brewing system at a wallet-friendly price point.

 Capresso_EC50_High Res_300dpi


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