Tips for Brewing Espresso with a Bottomless Filter

118.05 bottomless filter 72 dpi

Showcase your espresso brewing skills with the EC PRO and its bottomless filter.

A bottomless filter produces a shot of espresso with a thicker, richer crema because the coffee has less contact with the portafilter. The filter also preserves the natural coffee oils to make a tastier brew.

While using a bottomless filter requires a little more skill, we’ve got some tips to help you with your technique so you can brew barista-style.

  • Use a burr grinder to ensure consistency of ground coffee. The right grind size depends on the type of coffee bean; adjust grind size as necessary.
  • Always start the process of extracting with a clean, dry portafilter basket.
  • Even distribution of coffee grounds is critical to avoid uneven extraction.
  • Fill portafilter so it is slightly overflowing and use fingers to evenly distribute grounds and level.
  • An even tamp means an even extraction. Rest the flat section of the bottomless filter on the side of a countertop to level the filter when tamping for even distribution.
  • Aim for a 20-30 second extraction and adjust the time of the brew by changing the grind size.  For a faster brew, use a coarser grind.  For a slower brew, use a finer grind.

For more tips and information about using the EC PRO’s bottomless filter, visit

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