Iced Tea Lemonade Pops

Two refreshing drinks are combined to create a sweet summer treat. Iced tea lemonade pops are easy to make and perfect for a hot summer day.

ice pop 3

Iced Tea Lemonade Pops

Yield: Makes 6 pops

– 6 tea bags

– Sweeten to taste*

– 1½ cups of Simply Lemonade®

Using your Capresso Iced Tea Maker, add the tea bags to the brew basket and close the lid. Turn on the machine and let the tea brew. After the tea is finished brewing, add ice and stir.

Mix lemonade and 1½ cups of iced tea together. Divide the mixture between popsicle molds and freeze until solid. Enjoy!

For more recipes, and to find out more about Capresso products, visit

*Taste the lemonade-tea mixture and add more sugar as needed. Freezing may dilute sweetness.

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