DIY: Coffee Beans & Candle Centerpieces

Do you enjoy coffee? Do you like DIY projects? We have a fun way to use Capresso Grand Aroma Coffee Beans in a crafty new technique: Coffee Beans & Candle Centerpieces.

This chic centerpiece brings the delicious aroma of coffee to your home. While, the contrast between the coffee beans and candles, as well as the texture of the beans, add elements of design to your home.


What you’ll need:

  • 1 bag of Capresso Grand Aroma whole coffee beans
  • 1 or more candles, unscented or vanilla
  • 1 or more candleholders

Place coffee beans in each candleholder until half full. Place a candle in each candleholder; fill rest of candleholder with coffee beans. If you have extra coffee beans, place candleholders on a dish or tray and add coffee beans around the holders. Light candles and enjoy the beautiful aroma of coffee beans as the candle melts and heats the beans.

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