Lemon Chiffon Latte

A toast to Laura Wagenen-Birdsill, a Capresso event representative and creator of the Lemon Chiffon Latte. This light and refreshing drink was inspired by Laura’s memories of enjoying pie with her family.

Laura said she was reminded of meringue the first time she frothed milk in the Capresso froth PRO on the cold setting. She thought to pair the cold frothed milk with vanilla syrup and fresh lemonade. “This pairing created something that was almost like a drinkable lemon meringue pie,” said Laura. “If you wanted to kick it up a notch, just add a shot of vodka.”

Laura created the Lemon Chiffon Latte and sampled it with the public who gave rave reviews. “Everyone was very surprised and delighted that this taste sensation was created with very few ingredients and simply by using the milk frother on the cold setting,” said Laura. “Everyone loves the versatility of the froth PRO.”

Lemon Chiffon Latte     2-3 servings

8-oz low fat milk

3 Tbs. vanilla syrup

6-oz lemonade

3-oz vodka (optional)

Ice and lemon wedge for serving

Place the frothing disk in your Capresso froth PRO. Add milk and vanilla syrup to frothing pitcher. Place lid and press the Cold button. Wait for frother to automatically shut off. Place ice into a glass and fill half way with lemonade, or if you prefer lemonade and vodka. Pour frothed milk on top and garnish with lemon wedge.

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