Slim Down Your Beverages with Capresso Froth TEC™

Looking to make some healthy changes to your diet this year? The Capresso froth TEC™ can help you reach your goal.

Capresso_Froth Tec Beauty HR_72dpiThis automatic milk frother is designed to froth any type of milk for creamy lattes, delectable cappuccinos and other milk specialties. Choose from skim, almond, soy or rice milk to create a delicious low-fat version of your favorite beverage or experiment with new flavors.

Easy to use, simply pour chilled milk into the glass milk pitcher and place the lid on top. Press one of the illuminated control buttons to choose one of the three temperature settings – hot, warm and cold. Then, the froth TEC™ goes into action using a unique patented frothing disk to create up to 10 ounces of perfectly foamed milk or 16 ounces of steamed milk.

Combine organic grapefruit juice and frothed unsweetened almond milk for a tasty breakfast drink or top off your morning coffee with steamed skim milk; the possibilities are endless.  Plus, preparing drinks at home with the Capresso froth TEC™ allows you to know exactly what’s going into your beverage, unlike ordering a drink at your local coffeehouse.

To learn more about the froth TEC™, click here.

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