Holiday Recipe Guide

Hosting a holiday party this season? Whip up some tasty beverages with tools from Capresso. These recipes are sure to please.


Bold, Flavorful Coffee

Capresso_Coffee a la Carte_300dpi

Move beyond the traditional coffee maker and brew coffee for your holiday meal with a new Capresso Coffee à la Carte. The machine brings together the convenience of a single serve coffee maker and the versatility of a carafe-style coffee maker. It also features a separate tea filter to rapid brew tea as well.

Brew coffee or tea for yourself or a crowd during a holiday meal with the Capresso Coffee à la Carte. For added flavor, use Capresso Grand Aroma Coffee Beans.


Hazelnut Hot Chocolate 

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate with NutellaWe’re nuts about Nutella and your guests will be too when they taste our Hazelnut Hot Chocolate recipe. Grab your Capresso froth TEC™, milk and a jar of Nutella (plus a little whipped cream or marshmallows), and you’re ready to have some fun.

The Capresso froth TEC™ can froth or steam any type of milk in its clear glass milk pitcher. It features three illuminated buttons—hot, warm and cold—that make it easy for your guests to prepare a hot chocolate, creamy peppermint latte or creative beverage of their choice in just minutes. The largest capacity automatic milk frother on the market, the Capresso froth TEC™ is perfect for entertaining, plus it makes a great gifts for hot chocolate lovers, cappuccino fans and more.

Lemon Almond Black Tea


On a cold winter morning, we can think of nothing better than starting our day with a glass of Lemon Almond Black Tea. Traditional English Breakfast Tea lightens up with hits of almond and tart lemon flavors. It’s the perfect recipe for Christmas morning breakfast or holiday brunch.

Prepare Lemon Almond Black Tea in the Capresso teaC100. The 48-ounce electric water kettle has 5 temperature settings—from 100°F to 212°F—for brewing any type of tea to the optimal heat for extracting maximum flavor. Its contemporary glass kettle makes a beautiful addition to any tabletop; the teaC100 is sure to be a permanent fixture at your holiday gatherings.


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