Easy Solution: New Capresso Cleaning Solution

Is your Capresso drip-coffee maker, espresso machine or electric tea kettle part of your everyday routine? Show it some TLC with the new Capresso Cleaning Solution.

Capresso Cleaning Solution makes cleaning speedy and simple, so you have more time to enjoy sipping your favorite beverage. For those who love the full flavor and freshness of coffee and tea time and again, it helps maintain the quality of any espresso machines, coffeemakers and electric water kettles.

Cleaning and maintenance is essential for maximum performance. Without scheduled maintenance every 2 to 3 months, limescale builds up, resulting in lengthened brew time and a bitter taste in coffee, espresso or tea.

Descaling your machine has never been so easy and convenient as with the Capresso Cleaning Solution. To learn more about the new Capresso Cleaning Solution, click here.

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