Capresso Iced Coffee Tips

Looking for a cool way to get your jolt of java? Try our Iced Coffee tips for a perfectly chilled cup of bold coffee that’s never watered down.

There are two simple ways to prepare flavorful iced coffee:

1)   Brew the coffee double strength and pour into a glass of ice.

2)   Prepare coffee ice cubes ahead of time and brew the coffee normal strength.

Double Strength Brewing:

For Capresso 12-cup coffee makers, place 12 scoops of ground coffee in the gold-tone filter and fill the water tank with 6 cups of water. The extra ground coffee in the filter will give the brewed coffee twice the strength, so melting ice will not water it down. Adjust coffee strength to your personal taste by adjusting the number of coffee scoops or the water quantity.

Coffee Ice Cubes:

You can make coffee iced cubes by simply filling an ice cube tray with coffee and freezing it overnight. Prepare your drip coffee as you normally would and pour coffee over the coffee ice cubes. When the ice cubes melt, they will not dilute the iced coffee flavor.

Additional Tips:

  • Always add sugar and milk to the coffee when it is still hot. The sugar will dissolve better, and the cold milk will help cool down the coffee.
  • Instead of sugar, add flavorings such as vanilla syrup, chocolate syrup, hazelnut syrup or almond extract to create a specialty iced coffee drink. The syrups will sweeten up the coffee while adding a hint of flavor. They also dissolve better in liquid than coarse sugar.
  • Try sweetened condensed milk or coconut milk for a different twist on iced coffee.
  • For even colder iced coffee, place the brewed coffee in a covered container in the refrigerator for one to two hours before serving or even overnight. This will cool down the coffee completely and help reduce ice melting inside the glass. Do not place the hot coffee carafe directly in the refrigerator as it could cause damage to the carafe.
  • Want colder iced coffee without waiting? Add coffee, milk, sugar and ice to a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain iced coffee into a glass with even more ice and server.

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