Ideas For Using Your Coffee Grounds

Next time you enjoy your morning cup (or two) of coffee, save those grounds! Check out these five great ways you can put them to use.


  1. Remove Household Odors

Fill a bowl with coffee grounds and place near pesky odors. The coffee grounds will help absorb smells, leaving a nice coffee aroma.

  1. Exfoliate Hands and Skin

Gently exfoliate and reenergize your skin by applying coffee grounds to wet skin, then rinsing. Or, blend with a natural base oil, such as coconut oil, to leave your hands feeling soft and smelling wonderful.

  1. Clean Hard-to-Clean Dishes

Sprinkle coffee grounds onto hard-to-clean dishes before washing. The absorbent grounds and coarse texture make them ideal for scrubbing away grease and grime.

  1. Nurture Plants

Toss coffee grounds into your garden or potted plants to help your plants grow. The coffee grounds add organic material and microorganisms to the dirt.

  1. Help Compost

Add used coffee grounds to your compost pile for an added source of nitrogen to help soil and compost break down faster.


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