New Capresso EC50: Café-Quality Espresso at a Wallet-Friendly Price

Capresso EC50

Add delicious espresso-based beverages to your morning routine with Capresso’s newest pump espresso machine, the EC50 Stainless Steel Pump Espresso & Cappuccino Machine.

Priced at just under $100, the Capresso EC50 is perfect for espresso lovers on a budget. Pump espresso machines are widely recognized as superior to steam/boiler espresso machines, and this is Capresso’s first pump espresso machine at this low price point.

The EC50 features a stainless-steel lined ThermoBlock heating system for quick and precise heating. With 15 bars of pressure, it produces maximum extraction of the grinds, so every shot brewed is of café-quality.

The EC50 is equipped with a patented stainless-steel sieve for one or two shots, and a self-locking filter holder with thumbguard for easy cleaning.  A removable metal warming tray keeps cups at the ideal temperature for serving. Its integrated swivel frother creates light and airy froth for cappuccinos, or steamed milk for lattes.

Use the EC50 to brew frothy cappuccinos and other bold espresso drinks featured in our Guide to Espresso-Based Beverages.

Click here to learn more about the Capresso EC50.

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