New Capresso froth PLUS™

Capresso froth PLUS
Capresso froth PLUS

Watch the taste-tempting beauty of milk frothing with the new Capresso froth PLUS™. It creates unlimited possibilities for tea, coffee, milk, smoothies and shakes.

The froth PLUS™ is the largest capacity frother on the market, making eight ounces of milk froth, or 12 ounces of hot milk. It comes with a BPA-free clear-plastic milk pitcher with a cool touch handle, and a sleek silver base.

Easy to use, simply pour chilled milk into the milk pitcher and place the lid on top. Press one of the illuminated control buttons to choose one of the three temperature settings – hot, warm and cold. Then, the froth PLUS™ goes into action using a unique patented frothing disk to create perfectly foamed or steamed milk that is ready to be served immediately.

The perfect companion to a Capresso coffee maker or espresso machine, click here to learn more about the Capresso froth PLUS™.

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