Hot Caramel Cider

Fall is here, and we love everything about this season. From pumpkin carving and apple picking to changing foliage and cool, crisp weather, fall is a wonderful time of year, especially when you have a glass of apple cider in hand. Enjoy the season with this easy Hot Caramel Cider recipe. Cheers!

Hot Caramel Cider made with Capresso froth PRO

Hot Caramel Cider

1-2 serving

–       12-oz of Apple cider or apple juice

–       2 tsp. Caramel syrup

Place the heating disk in your Capresso froth PRO. Add the apple cider and caramel syrup to frothing pitcher. Place lid and press the Hot button. Wait for frother to automatically shut off. Serve and enjoy.

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