Capresso in Hollywood

Brew coffee Hollywood-style with Capresso. We’ve spotted Capresso on the sets of these popular prime TV shows. Follow the product stars in this Hollywood round up:


Nothing is colder than revenge, but nothing is hotter than a fresh cup of coffee from Capresso. Achieve a consistent, uniform and fresh grind with Capresso’s Coffee Burr Grinder

Revenge_Nov 2014 Revenge_Oct. 2104

Capresso MT600 PLUS and Coffee Burr Grinder on the set of Revenge.


Teatime? The H2O PLUS has been spotted on the ABC series, “Selfie.” The H2O PLUS not only looks stunning, it’s faster and uses less energy than stovetop kettles.

CAP.Selfie.Oct2014 Selfie_Oct 2014

ABC’s “Selfie:” features the Capresso H2O PLUS.


According to our investigation, the stainless steel thermal carafe on Capresso’s CoffeeTEAM TS is guilty as charged for keeping coffee hot and fresh, even on the sets of “NCIS: LA” and “Cougar Town.”

Cougar Town CAP.NCISLA.Oct2014

CoffeeTEAM TS on the sets of “Cougar Town” (left) and NCIS: LA (right).


Are you a fan of ABC’s “Cristela?” Check out the Capresso CoffeeTEAM TS and H2O Steel in the office of this hit series. Whether you prefer coffee or tea, Capresso will help get you through the workday.

Cristela.Nov 2014 #7

The CoffeeTEAM TS and the H2O Steel on the set of “Cristla.”


To find out more about these Capresso products, visit

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