Capresso Raises the Bar for Home Brewed Coffee With the New CoffeeTEAM PRO Therm

Capresso_CoffeeTEAM PRO_Therm_Lifestyle

With a beautiful stainless steel exterior that creates a focal point in your kitchen, the new 10-cup Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO Therm features technological advancements that make this the ultimate coffee maker for your home.

This is the first thermal bean-to-carafe coffee maker with all of these advanced features:

  • A removable 7-ounce bean container, easy to unlock and lift off even when full, to refill beans or access the grinder for cleaning.
  • A patented solid-steel conical burr grinder. For easy care, the upper burr can be removed for cleaning. This is the only coffee maker/conical burr grinder combination that allows you to remove and clean the burrs.
  • An exclusive two-step grind and clean chamber that automatically cleans the grinder after every cycle.
  • A special setting for oily dark roasted beans, for the extra grinding time that these slow-moving beans require.
  • A removable water container for fast filling and easy cleaning.
  • A GoldTone Filter that eliminates the need for messy paper filters.
  • A Charcoal Water Filter that removes up to 82 percent of water impurities, so you always brew with the freshest water possible.
  • Easy to custom program quantity and brew strength, which can be set to initiate brewing at a pre-set time.

Actual retail prices are $249.99 for the Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO Therm and $219.99 for the Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO Glass. Both are available at

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