Are You an Espresso Aficionado? Answers

Answers from our Espresso Quiz:

1)    Crema. This layer is thin and foamy, with a golden-brown and sometimes red color. The crema holds sweet flavor notes as it contains the espresso’s concentrated sugars and oils.

2)    Body. It is typically a caramel-brown color.

3)    Heart. This bottom layer contains the bitterness that provides a balance to the sweetness of the espresso’s crema. The heart should be a deep brown hue.

4)    20th. Espresso was first invented in the early 1900’s as a way to decrease workers’ coffee break time.

5)    2. If the cup is too large, the espresso will cool down too quickly. The cup should also only be filled 2/3 of the way full.

6)    25 to 30. Brew time is calculated from the moment the pump switch is activated, until the pump switch is turned off.

7)    160 (inside the cup). Espresso should be brewed between 190 and 195 degrees F and should be consumed immediately after it is made (at approximately 160 degrees F).

8)    Macchiato. Macchiato means “marked” or “stained.”

9)    Cappuccino. The foam on a cappuccino can be decorated with artistic drawings, commonly know as “latte art.”

10) Latte. A latte should contain less frothed milk than a cappuccino.

11) Mocha. Add whipped cream and cocoa powder to the top if desired.

12) Americano. This drink has a similar strength, but different flavor, from regular drip coffee.

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