Dairy-Free Herbal Tea Latte

At the end of a long day, we like to unwind with a calming, hot glass of Dairy-Free Herbal Tea Latte. It’s made with Sleepytime® Herbal Tea, with a soothing blend of all-natural herbs, and Silk Pure Almond® Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk, for a creamy texture and a touch of sweetness.


Dairy-Free Herbal Tea Latte


Herbal Tea Latte

2 servings

– 8 oz. Silk Pure Almond® Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk

– 8 oz. water

– 2 teabags of Sleepytime® Herbal Tea

Fill your teaC100 with water, set dial to 212° and press the power button. Once water has boiled, steep tea by pouring 4 ounces of water over Sleepytime teabag into each cup. Meanwhile, place the frothing disk into the froth enhancer of your Capresso froth TEC and ensure it is securely snapped inside the bottom of the milk pitcher. Add milk to frothing pitcher. Place lid and press the Hot button. Wait for frother to automatically shut off. Fill each cup with 4 ounces of frothed milk and enjoy.

Note: If you prefer to use dairy milk, we recommend skim milk for this recipe.