BeauTeaful: New Capresso teaC100

Capresso teaC100
Capresso teaC100

The new Capresso teaC100 electric water kettle makes it even easier for tea lovers to enjoy their favorite cup of tea.

This fast, energy efficient water kettle includes five easy-to-read temperature settings, ranging from 100° to 212°F, conveniently labeled according to the type of tea the user is preparing, including green, white, oolong and black tea.

Additionally, the 48-ounce (6 cup) capacity teaC100 can warm water for French press coffee, or simply keeps water warm in its sturdy glass pitcher.

Designed to heat the water to the desired temperature quickly, the stainless steel heating element boils water in half the time as a traditional stovetop kettle – saving time and energy.

The newest model in Capresso’s growing line of electric kettles, use the teaC100 to brew the perfect glass of tea with our handy Guide to Steeping Tea.

Click here to learn more about the Capresso teaC100.

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